Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm back...

... things in my life got a little crazy and I decided to take on a new venture this summer: The Farmer's Market.
I have a pretty good little garden... and have helped establish an awesome garden at my bf's place.  I also have great friends who have contacted me this season  and stated they have fruit trees absolutely loaded with fruit they can not use.  I hurried my butt over there and got as much as I could pick, process, jam, jelly and cook.  So, I decided to join the farmer's market and sell produce, jams and jellies.  So far it has been an EXCELLENT venture.  I am also allowed to set up sell my jewelry since it is handmade.  Double bonus points for me. 
Now, compound to that the annual Dodge City Days Arts and Crafts Show this upcoming weekend.... and hopefully I'll have less jewelry, jams and jellies to hock by the end of this week. 

So... there you have it.... I am back and will get back to featured stones, metals, articles about my jewelry making and designs, featured Artfire artisans and everything else that my blog is for.  Sorry I was gone for so long... life gets in the way sometimes.


Victoria said...

Congratulations on the success of your new venture and welcome back! Preparing fruit for canning takes forever, but so worth the effort.

Looking forward to your jewelry making tips and photos.

divapixie said...

Yes, I am just about to blog about the topic. Was also thinking of opening a small, free account on Artfire to see if the jams will sell..... couldn't hurt right?