Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rob Kalin SCARES me

So, I have a Livejournal in addition to this Blogger account.  That is my very personal and limited journal whereas this one is more public.  On Blogger, I follow a number of other blogs for various reasons. Makes for excellent reading material throughout my day. At any rate, one of them I follow is called Etsy Bitch.

Etsy Bitch was founded on the principle that they wanted to help change Etsy by pointing out what needed to be fixed. This mission has changed... considerably... especially given that Etsy is turning into a complete and total MONSTER. But I digress. What I want to talk about briefly is something I saw in a few recent posts on this blog.

Apparently, Inc. magazine did an interview with the CEO and founder of Etsy recently and the article hit news stands and the internet yesterday. I became curious about what the man behind the monster had to say, so I went on over to the website and read the article.

WOW. That was the one word I came back to repeatedly. From reading this article, it became clear that the journalist was having a hard time trying to report exactly what was going on. To his credit, the journalist did try to stick to the point of just reporting the facts and quotes from the person in question... and just by doing that the truth about this nut was revealed. He's freakin' scary.

If you are interested.... here are the links.

And here's Etsy Bitch if you are looking for some more although snarky info.

Seriously..... SO glad I ditched out of Etsy while I could and am now happily instated at Artfire. Whew!

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