Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another garden update

Things are continuing to pop up out of the ground in our garden.  We finally did get the pumpkin garden planted with pumpkins, watermelon and cantalope as well as flowers to fil in the space.  Things are popping up in that garden though I haven't photographed it yet.
Our other gardens are just zooming along.  We have brocolli heads beginning to form.  The onions are growing taller.  There are cucumber and yellow melon sprouts and last night the zuccinni came up as well. The carrots are sprouting and the peas are growing larger everyday.  I've had to this the radishes and beets as well as the lettuce and spinach. 


PrettyGonzo said...

Love the pix of your garden. Little green and growing things are so cheerful. Good luck with your "farming"! :)

Anonymous said...
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