Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ask the Artist

Me 1
I've been at a loss for blog topics for a while now. Everytime I come up with something it just doesn't seem like i have enough expertise, research, ideas, etc. on the topic. Clearly, I need help with this blogging thing. SO, to that end... I have decided that I need to do a series of segments called "Ask the Artist". Got a question you want to ask me about my jewelry designs or techniques I use? Ask me! Want more information about gemstones, bead supplies, metals or other bit and pieces used in jewelry making? Ask me! Want to learn more about my experiences with online selling, selling venues, jewelry parties and farmer's markets? Ask me!
I will gladly share my knowledge about each and everything I know with you. Ask me, anything.... go ahead.

Pretty please?


Anonymous said...

Hey Pixie, I see a lot of Steampunk jewelry around now. Can you explain where that concept came from and more of what it's all about? Thanks! SarsinArt

divapixie said...

Excellent question SarasinArt. I will do a little digging and add my own knowledge to what I discover and hopefully have a "Steampunk" blog up tomorrow.... maybe Saturday. Thanks for the question!

Tak said...

I also find myself at a loss for blog entries. I appreciate your willingness to open it up to everyone for new ideas!!