Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Collections on Artfire

There is this nifty feature on Artfire called Collections.  We are now allowed to add items we seeon Artfire to a "collection" to feature them in a sort of gallery.  It's a great way to promote both other artists as well as items you've made yourself.  Other people on Artfire can then leave comments, rate the collections and use the link to cross post and promote.  I love this tool.  I have made a few collections since it was installed but haven't had time to mention nor share any of those.  Here's a collection I made up today of some of my favorite items thus far.


Kawartha Beads said...

I love Collections feature too! It's so easy to use and its absolutely beautiful. I also love the widget code for posting to your easy peasy. Beautiful collection!

divapixie said...

Thank you! I am hoping to get around to doing more collections but this week has been INSANELY busy around here. I'll try to keep sharing the love!