Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Home Jewelry Parties

A recently sold piece from my Artfire studio.
I've done blogs about jewelry parties in the past. I've done some research, conducted interviews with other artists and even attempted to get friends and family to host a jewelry party for me.  However, today I would like to blog about the one type of jewelry party that has brought me at least some measurable amount of success.... the "in home" jewelry party.

Let's face it, in these tough economical times it is very difficult to find people willing to host any kind of party in their homes let alone get guests to come to those parties with the intention of purchasing what ever items are being shown.  I myself have not found anyone willing to host a showing of my jewelry in their home yet.  It is tough.  But I didn't and won't allow that to discourage me.  No.  I found another route to take.  I figured if I couldn't find someone else to host me, why not host myself? 
So, I began doing "in home" jewelry parties or jewelry showings.  If I put out snacks for the guests, I would call it a "jewelry party" and if there was no snacks and I offered tours of my studio space, then it became a "jewelry showing". It's a simple, minor detail but for me it was necessary to establish. 
A pair of earrings currently for sale in a local boutique.
I use Facebook to send out the initial invites and then I start inviting my friends, family and work colleagues in person.  I encourage them to bring guests of their own.  In the weeks/days prior to the event I make sure to post pictures on my Facebook of new items and items available for sale.  It grabs the buyer's attention and gets them interested.  If they see one piece that interests them, they are more likely to attend.  They want to see the item in person sometimes before making the purchase decision.
I use my dinningroom in my house for my showings, though you could use any room you feel is appropriate.  My dinningroom is large, has lots of chairs and my dinningroom table is large enough to display nearly all my current pieces. I also set up a smaller card table in a corner with bead and supply catelogues for those who want to have something custom made.  I also put out some of my beads and supplies on the card table as examples.  It helps your guests know you take custom orders and can even inspire them to ask for a specially created piece.
I also have my tools handy.  I have quite a few repair customers who bring me things they have purchased, whether from me or another artist, that need some repairs done.  I often do these right on the spot unless they require more time or complicated methods (usually they don't).
I also have things on display throughout my local area in art galleries and boutiques.  An in home jewelry party is a good way for you to get the word out to people in your area that your pieces are available online, in person and throughout your comunity.  The more places your work is available,the easier it will be for people to recommend your work or even recognize your work.

In conclusion,  don't be afraid to host your own party or showing to get your work out in the public eye. It tends to be simpler and chances are you'll have better turn out and sales results if you go out on a limb.  Plus, you never know when one of your guests may decide to host you in their home after seeing your things in yours.


AmysBodyDecor said...

That's Awesome!! I've often thought about doing in home parties. I've always attended the PartyLite, Pampered Chef type parties and thought, "I could do this!" but then I realize I'm just too shy... lol
Maybe one day I'll build up the courage ;)
Thanks for sharing!!

divapixie said...

You can totally do this Amy! It's very simple and since it's in your own home and you have control over that space... it feels more comfortable. And you can invite a small group of people the first time to take the shyness factor down a notch.

AmysBodyDecor said...

Thanks!! I know this is something I need to work on. I just hate talking about myself and talking about my product feels the same :|

Brooke said...

This is a great post! We have thought a lot about parties - but doing one in our homes would be better. I really love all of your ideas and what you had to say! Thank you!

lilgreenshop said...

I've done one home party and agree it's easy after the initial prep work is done and the after tidy up.

Sales were good and I kept mesning to do another one but never got around to it. This blog post has helped me focus and determined to do another one now.


Sharlene said...

thanks for writing this post. i've been thinking about doing this and your sharing helped me get a few ideas.