Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photographing my pieces

OK.... I am not a professional photographer and while I have several friends who are, I often find I just can not capture my pieces with my camera.
That being said.... I have been trying repeatedly to find and try new ways of photographing my jewelry pieces.  Recently I took a few pieces and tried using some different backgrounds and props.  See the example below:

This photo is taken in daylight out in my front yard on a bench under a tree.  I like natural light and at first found this gave me the best photo results.

This one was taken on the same bench in the same location and using natural sunlight as well.

This is utilizing the same natural sunlight in my front yard only using a few pieces of colored cardstock and a lovely rock I found in my yard. 

Another picture taken using a colored cardstock background and natural sunlight.

Now, I'm not certain which I personally like better. Each has their good points. So I ask you readers... which photo makes you want to purchase the necklace more? And why...?

I intend to try some new things in the future in regards to photographing my jewelry pieces. I shall kep you all informed as this project evolves.


AmysBodyDecor said...

I personally like angles for the main product photo. Like as in the last photo posted. Just need to work on the lighting, and maybe a tighter crop would be nice :)

divapixie said...

I am going to try making the DIY light box this weekend and see what a difference that might make. After checking out your blog about photography and clicking through the link to the DIY light box, I felt inspired to try some new things with regards to photographing my pieces. I wil post again while making the box.