Friday, February 4, 2011

Experiments in photography~ Take 2

OK. I used a link from a fellow blogger's entry to learn to make a homemade light box. Mine turned out pretty crude but it does seem to function the way described.
How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio.

So, after completing this box, I immediately wanted to try it out.  I have an old goose neck lamp on my bookshelf.  I placed it on one side of the light box and took some photos of a few new pendants.  Upon taking these photos, I noticed that one side was lit up fairly nicely.  However, the photos still have a slightly grainy texture and some shadows.  This leads me to believe that I need another light source on the other side of the box. 
I am also very curious what natural sunlight would look like utilizing this box.  I plan to take the light box outside this afternoon and see what that does.  Below is a photo I took last night with my crude light box.  I need to do some tweaking methinks.

A valentine inspired piece I've been waiting to photograph and list.


AmysBodyDecor said...

Awesome!! Photo looks nice :)
I used my diy light box in natural sunlight cause I couldn't figure out what type of bulbs to use. Always ended up having a yellow hue to the photos. My new studio came with lights, (Yay!) if you are gonna use lights, definitely gotta have one on each side :)

divapixie said...

That was ind of what I was thinking. I have a variety of light bulbs at my house but really just need to invest in another small goose neck lamp first. Which means waiting till pay day. Oh well. Going to try it in natural light later on this afternoon.

SummerfieldSoaps said...

I like the third photo the best. It focuses on your jewelry and I like the angle. In my seemingly never ending quest to take better photos I tried this tutorial recently with mixed results.

I do like the side reflector piece. It helps a lot with lighting.