Monday, February 7, 2011

Sticking to the topic

I know, we've all had this happen at some point.  We just can not seem to stick to the topic at hand.  I remember in middle school, high school and even in college English having an instructor hand back a paper I wrote that looked like it was bleeding.  All because I couldn't stick to my original topic.
Has this ever happened to you?  It -still- happens to me.  Especially when it comes to my blog.  Allow me to attempt to explain.
I'm not really an ADD or ADHD person.  I just happen to have a LOT of interests.  So, sticking to one point all the time is kind of hard for me.  I tend to meander around a bit.  I forget that when I'm blogging that this can be distracting and hard on the readers.
So, when I set up this blog I had one thing in mind.. to keep this blog for my jewelry ventures ONLY.  I wanted to stick to the point.
And now, as usual, I find myself meandering from that point.  I have an LJ for my truly personal stuff.  I like it that way really.  However, I find that I am more and more interested in blogging about my other interests... and what is going on in general with my life and direction.
Now, part of me wonders.. would anyone really want to read about that? Would ther be any more or les interaction on this blog if I went in this direction?  Many of my friends who have successful, well trafficed blogs blog only about one thing... they stick to the topic.  While others have said they get better traffic if they blog about more than one thing.
I am in a quandry as to what to do.  I would like to think that my blog is being read and perhaps is even liked by people but alas my Goggle Analytics tells me otherwise. 
So, I guess maybe it's time to break out of this blogging shell and write about everything.... or at least more than just one thing.


AmysBodyDecor said...

I am no expert on this topic lol But I like to blog/read other topics than just jewelry and business. It also helps to see the REAL person behind the shop and build online friendships :)

divapixie said...

I am hoping that may be the case here. I just have more than one interest and would like to have more to write about.
That being said, I do tend to ramble sticking to my topic was a good exercise for me as well.

Victoria said...

I think blogging about your interest would work best, because ultimately the blog is all about you and what YOU can share with US. Jewelry is just one part of you so now is the time to share the other parts too! Like Amy said it helps to see the real person and that is what social networking is about, interactions with others. And hey, thanks for sharing!