Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Giving my livingroom a face lift

So, my boyfriend of 2 years and I decided this year that we should live together.  So, since January we've been moving him into my house.  He's been living there since the 1st of the year but we haven't quite moved all of his things in yet.  His mother only lives on the other side of town and that was where he had been residing.  We are all working to cut back expenses and purge our respective homes of things we simply do not need. 
As well as all the cleaning, purging and simplifing of our households... we have been rearranging furniture, reclaiming rooms and have also decided to redecorate a few of them.

This past weekend we began a painting project. We have decided to tackle the livingroom first.  I had a livingroom that was a dep and bright shade of green and had black trim.  I liked it.  But honestly.... the paint was starting to fade and it had scuff marks and chips in it.  They no longer make that color either.  We both took our time finding a paint color we could both live with.  That took a long time.  I think men and women see colors differently. 
I had to drive 45 miles to the next city over to get the paint color we wanted.  None of the hardware stores in town carried Behr paint and that was the only color scheme we agreed on.  I drove the distance and went to Home Depot.  I had committed myself to purchase the much more expensive Behr paint that had the primer in it as well.  We had to cover a prety bold color. 
Yesterday we got the walls prepped in the morning and painted all afternoon and evening.  About 9:30 we stopped.  We have one coat of color on the trim (after two coats of primer) and two coats of paint on the walls.  We have not taped off the window trim yet so it's still green.... but it's a start anyways.


Victoria said...

Nice job! I want to see the finished room if you please :)
And, painting is a time consuming job!

divapixie said...

It is. We are slowly working our way through it. I might have the window trim done this evening. We still have a small wal section to do as well and we need to move a heavy aquarium at some point to finish up a small corner.