Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Painting project: Room 1 complete!

Well, we finally finished all the walls, window trim, detail painting in the livingroom.  No more green walls.  Not that the green was a bad thing.  I rather liked it.  It was just time for a change and this is it. 
I decided to do the large picture window in two tones to bring out the architectural design of it.  I believe this window is nearly 100 years old and original to the house.  It's not exactly efficient but it's historical and I could not bear to replace it when the new windows when in.  I used a very deep, dark chocolate brown for the detail work on the top and outlined the rest in the same creamy shade as the rest of the trim in the room.  I still am finding little spots that need filling in with a paint brush but that isn't so much trouble.
I completely cleaned out the aquarium while we had it moved out from the wall.  It looks much better now and the fish seem more active.  Goldfish really aren't all that exciting but they may move outside to a water garden someday so who knows what will replace them in this tank.  And Lee's Frank Sinatra poster actually looks pretty good against the new wall color
We don't have all the wall art up yet.... we are still struggling with where to hang things. And we are currently on the hunt for curtains for all 4 of the windows. I'd like to not have to put the horrid blinds back up again. 
Now, painting project room #2..... the library.  Here's to hoping we have the energy and strength to start that venture this week.  Blech.


Victoria said...

Thanks for sharing, the walls look great! Love the color!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Warm color, something so clean and welcoming about fresh paint.