Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beaded crystal prisms~ a new endeavor

A while back I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas and she gave me a simple answer.  She wanted a couple of crystal prisms to hang in her kitchen window.  My nieces like to chase the rainbows that they make.  i can remember clearing doing this with my sister when I was a kid as well.  I decided I would bead a wire to attach the prism to for her. 
As I was doing this one evening, my boyfriend remarked how lovely it looked and pointed out the prisms in my livingroom window.  He inquired about perhaps beading them as well.  And then once I had finished them and hung them up, he stated that there was the possibility others may be interested in them as well and they could be an item that may sell well.  I don't know about that but they sure turned out nice.

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