Monday, February 14, 2011

Costume construction: One of my other interests

I am trying to blog about more of my other intersts so as to keep this blog interesting and give myself more blog topics.  Today I'd like to share some of the costumes I've sewn in the past years.
I do have another studio on Artfire just for my costumes, though admittedly I neglect it and the sales show that.  Gypsy Threads
On Etsy I did a fair amount of business, though even that was hit or miss. I did some great kid's costumes and some decent adult costumes but on occassion, like anywhere, I would have a PITA customer (Pain In The Arse).  I no longer opperate either shop on Etsy, for various reasons.

A happy client in his ghost costume.
 Anyways, I enjoy making costumes.  I'm not a professional seamstress by any stretch of the imagination but I do enjoy it and within my given parameters, can turn out some nice things.

This is a picture of my best seller.  I used to make at least a dozen of these every September/October.  It is a cape design that allows a child to be a ghost without having to put a sheet over their heads.  I could also do these in colors and you'd have the ghosts from Pacman.

I also do a lot of Renaissance costumes for myself, friends and family members.  I'm a big fan of Renaissance festivals and always attend in "garb".  I'll share more of those pictures at a later date.  Right now I am having difficulty getting my photos to upload.

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Mischyf Couture said...

The costume is so cute. As a kid I always hated those sheets over my head with the cut out holes. What a wonderful way to be a ghost. =)