Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Day in the Life of

6:14am Lee's alarm on his phone went off. He had changed it to a rooster crowing instead of the usual musical alarm. Had a moment of WTF when I heard it. I got up out of bed, got the dog his breakfast and went about getting ready for work.

7:03am I headed out the door to my car after putting Wynton in his crate. He put up no fuss this morning so he must have still been tired. I decided to listen to Royal Crowne Review on my iPod this morning instead of my usual Sirius XM channel (Siriusly Sinatra). Ahhhhhh... that's the stuff to wake me up.

7:32am Arrive at the elementary school where I teach. I brought along a box of construction paper and various other arts and crafts bits and baubles that I need to rid my house of. I put the box in the teacher's lounge with a sign on it that says "Take if you want". We'll see how quickly things disappear.

Noticed that the box I put these things in was a Bud Light box. I quickly found a copy paper box and transferred them into that. I am hiding the Bud Light box in my classroom till I can take it home.

8:55am  Dismissed first round of 5th graders from class.  Instrument activity went VERY well this morning.  Patterns were clear and played with 85%-90% accuracy and the kids sang loudly and on pitch.  Excellent class.
Set 3, 5 Studio 49 Orff Instruments (with Rosewood Xylophones)

9:43am  Awaiting the arrival of my second round of 1st graders.  The morning is going by quickly.  Thus far, no detentions nor outstanding disciplinary actions have been taken aside from one student relocation to a different seat.  All in all.... a good morning.

10:05am  Headed to the teacher's lounge to photocopy some listening tests for the 2nd grade.  They have completed Unit 4 and I need to check their listening for comprehension. 

10:28am  A sly smile has spread across my face as the students take their listening tests.   Several of them have asked that I play certain examples a second time. They are learning to take their time when testing and get their answers correct.  Now, if only that caution pays off.

11:06 am  Sitting in my quiet classroom for a few minutes eating a banana before heading to the cafeteria to do lunch duty.  I HATE lunch duty.  Hopefully it will pass by quickly.
Found pencil writing on the girl's bathroom stall walls.  I Love [insert 5th grade boy's name here].  Reported it to principal and both 5th grade teachers.  I suspect the 5th grade girls.

12:12pm  Ahhhhh.... sitting again in the quiet of my classroom with my lunch before me.  I have until 1pm to just chill out and eat.  This is my favorite time of day.

12:34pm  Chatting via gmail with my boyfriend's mother, Sharon.  We are all trying to figure out the plan for this evening so we can get dinner all squared away.  This is a typical afternoon activity for us since we all three enjoying cooking.

1:23pm  Taught a simple song to the first round of 3rd graders. A wonderful proverb that was set to a simple melody. "Don't worry if your job is small and your rewards are few.  Remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you".

1:49pm  I am sitting here in my classroom waiting for the Kindergarten. I am sure today will be an uphill day for them.  They have an assessment sheet to fill out today and that is always difficult for them.
It's started already.... one of them walked in and let out the biggest, loudest yawn I have heard in a while.  Great.

2:38pm  Waiting for my last class to arrive. Thinking about whether or not I want to go to Zumba class this evening with one of my friends or if I want to skip it and work on some things at home.  Tough call.

3:02pm  I am done with classes and am very glad of that.  That last class used up my last ounce of patience and got on my last nerve. ARGH!

3:16pm  Made a follow up phone call with the people who run the new arena/events center about teaching ice skating.  I wanted to inquire for further information about he actual job itself and how much it would entail.  They said there were hoping to get back to me sometime after this week.  Sounds like it could be a good part time job and it would get me back on the ice and exercising again.

4:42pm  Sitting at home in my favorite chair.  The windows are open and a nice spring like breeze is flowing through the house.  It is 70 degrees outside. I ran some errands and took the dog out for potty time.  I'm thinking maybe a walk and some jewelry photo taking might be in my immediate future.

5:53pm  I managed to take some photos of both Wynton and my jewelry pieces while the sun and warm weather persisted.  It was just over 70 degrees today! Wow!
My toy poodle puppy, Wynton.

10:57pm  Well, I am back after several excursions.  Lee and I went to the local community theater to mix up the specialty cocktail mix for this weekends performances.  Then we had dinner at one of our usual Mexican restaurants.  Then we went and visited with his mother for a few hours and watched a couple episodes of a super cute series on HBO Family called The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.  It was a cute little show. 
We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up chapstick, toilet paper and an orchid plant for his mother.  I've been meaning to get her a new one. The one we bought her for Mother's Day is not doing well.  I am trying to resuscitate but so far it seems unresponsive.
Now we are back home, in our PJs and playing with the puppy before heading to bed for the evening.

There you have it.  It is now 11:01pm.... bedtime for us here.  Goodnight!


Mischyf Couture said...

You had a busy busy day! Your blog wasn't boring at all. It was interesting. =)

SummerfieldSoaps said...

Quite a day. Dinner and a movie sounds great.

The rooster made me laugh.