Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flowers in my garden

I realize I haven't really shown any pictures of the flowers in my garden this season as of late.  And there really are some lovely ones.  I have a glorious hibiscus plant in a pot on my porch.  It is a new hybrid from Burpee called Cranberry crush and it is amazing.  This is it's second round of blossoms in the first year of growth.

I also planted some Scarlet O'Hara morning glories in the back yard alongside the vegtable garden.  They are a fushcia color which mimics red in the right light.  I adore them.

And the zinnias.... oh the zinnias.  I plant zinnias every year but this year they have been particularily lovely.  I have plans to plants more colors of zinnia next season and in more places.  The butterflies we have had because of them is astounding.


Oana said...

Lovely flowers!

Jamie Keifer said...

Cranberyy Crush is a cute name… It was hybridized in 2009 and they are compact flowers with a beautiful shade of scarlet red. They're actually good in any garden. They're heavy bloomers! How many have you grown now?