Friday, August 19, 2011

Garden update

Well.... let's see if I can summarize this without being too longwinded about it.
Lee backed over the peas with my car.  They didn't look very good anyways.
We have had over 40 days this summer of over 100 degrees so the broccoli bolted and then died.  We did get two good harvests and it was delish. 

We had plenty of good spinach and lettuce in June and then that went to seed.  The excessive heat really does take out alot of vegtables.
So far this summer though, the slowest vegtable to produce has been the tomatoes.  Don't get me wrong, I've been watering them to keep them growing and alive and I have tons of tomatoe plants.  They just reserved the right to flower and produce until these past couple of weeks.

In stark contrast, the pumpkins this year grew and fruited FAST.  I have 4 pie pumpkins already harvested and cured.  And there are a few more starting.  It's insane.  I wasn't expecting them for a couple more weeks.
Everything else seems to be sort of on time and if not then only delayed by a few weeks.  And that is only because I ran the sprinkler a LOT this summer.


Victoria said...

What I think I remember about tomatoes is that they need heat to grow the fruit, but cool night to produce the flowers. Here in Southern Oregon we had just the opposite, wondering if we were ever going to get a summer, so much rain. The lettuce didn't bolt until the end of July. But this year all I grew was winter lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and winter squash.

divapixie said...

It's been a bizarre growing season all over the states this year. We had blistering hot weather an NO RAIN for so long that even plants that were watered as much as mine are looking up at the sky going "come on!".

Aaliyah Aldaco said...

Too bad about the peas... well, it's always interesting to see how the weather could affect a garden, don't you think? It's best to prepare a bit to make sure that everything gets a chance to grow. You can also use the sprinkler and whatnot when it's needed.

Well, in any case those pumpkins sound pretty tasty!