Monday, March 28, 2011

New pieces!

I have been busy creating and listing new pieces in my studio all weekend.  Here's just a few samples of what's new.

Come on over to my Artfire studio and see what else is new!  Fools and Jewels

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beaded crystal prisms~ a new endeavor

A while back I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas and she gave me a simple answer.  She wanted a couple of crystal prisms to hang in her kitchen window.  My nieces like to chase the rainbows that they make.  i can remember clearing doing this with my sister when I was a kid as well.  I decided I would bead a wire to attach the prism to for her. 
As I was doing this one evening, my boyfriend remarked how lovely it looked and pointed out the prisms in my livingroom window.  He inquired about perhaps beading them as well.  And then once I had finished them and hung them up, he stated that there was the possibility others may be interested in them as well and they could be an item that may sell well.  I don't know about that but they sure turned out nice.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning SALE!

I have decided to clear out some of my old jewelry stock to make room for new stock. This means savings for you!  From now until April 1st I am offering 10% off everything in my studio!  If you tweet, blog or Facebook this sale, please leave me a comment and something special might come to you as well. ;)

Come on over and check it out!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching up

Wow.  So much has happened since I last wrote.  Both on the jewelry front and on the home front.  In the past two weeks I have:
~Caught a BAD head cold.
~Had my parents and grandmother come for a week long visit.
~Fixed up my kitchen.

~Hung curtains in the livingroom.

~Worked on my final concert for my students at school.
~Been filling a large custom order for resin buttons.
~Been recruited to do a jewelry line for an online fashion website.
~Been asked to sew some quick curtains for a local community theater production.
~Helped my father sand, water seal and assemble a cedar bar for my dinning room.

Yep... that about sums it up.  It was a LOT.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preparations for Carnegie Arts Wine Tasting and Art Auction are underway

At least on my end, preparations are underway.  Last year I had the pleasure of being asked to donate a few pieces of my jewelry to the art auction.  Of course I was delighted to do so.  It is a great way to get my jewelrypieces out in the public eye and the proceeds go to benefit a local art gallery.  I made three pieces especially for the auction.  For my trouble, I received a pair of tickets to the event.
A piece from last year's auction, made by myself.
Lee always likes to attend this event so he had been going for years.  We went and had a great time.... except for one thing.  I had donated thre items for the auction.  All three of my items were placed on the Silent Auction table instead of in the actual auction.  I had donated three items in the hopes that they would at least place one in the full blown auction.  I was hurt and upset by this.
Another of the pieces donated to the auction by myself from last year.
This year, I have once again decided to donate items to the cause. I will once again be creating brand new pieces fr this event.  However, I am stipulating that at least one of my items be placed in the actual auction. If they do not agree to this, I wil not donate anything.  I don't really think it's too much to ask.  I just want the exposure of having the auctioneer takes public bids on my item and watch it being displayed by the lovely volunteer "Vanna White"s. 
I have been planning to begin work on these pieces all week.. and have yet to actually sit down and do so.  I have however been giving a lot of thought to what kind of pieces I want to create.  My goal is to once again make three items.  I plan to make one piece out of something vintage that has been repurposed, like an old vintage rhinestone piece or beads or chain from a broken piece of vintage jewelry.  I plan to make one small copper wire wrapped pendant with fresh water pearls.  And the last piece I can not decide on a design yet..... perhaps a large pair of wire wrapped earrings. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Painting project: Room 1 complete!

Well, we finally finished all the walls, window trim, detail painting in the livingroom.  No more green walls.  Not that the green was a bad thing.  I rather liked it.  It was just time for a change and this is it. 
I decided to do the large picture window in two tones to bring out the architectural design of it.  I believe this window is nearly 100 years old and original to the house.  It's not exactly efficient but it's historical and I could not bear to replace it when the new windows when in.  I used a very deep, dark chocolate brown for the detail work on the top and outlined the rest in the same creamy shade as the rest of the trim in the room.  I still am finding little spots that need filling in with a paint brush but that isn't so much trouble.
I completely cleaned out the aquarium while we had it moved out from the wall.  It looks much better now and the fish seem more active.  Goldfish really aren't all that exciting but they may move outside to a water garden someday so who knows what will replace them in this tank.  And Lee's Frank Sinatra poster actually looks pretty good against the new wall color
We don't have all the wall art up yet.... we are still struggling with where to hang things. And we are currently on the hunt for curtains for all 4 of the windows. I'd like to not have to put the horrid blinds back up again. 
Now, painting project room #2..... the library.  Here's to hoping we have the energy and strength to start that venture this week.  Blech.