Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am here today to promote a fellow artisan on Artfire.com. Her shop name is cleangreenbunny and her bath and body products are AMAZING! I recently arranged a trade with her for some handmade soap... which is a weakness of mine. She sent along a sample of some lovely lavendar sugar scrub with the soap bars. I tried out the sugar scrub last night after a VERY long day and it absolutely blew my mind how great it was! I had a bit of a headache when I got in the bath. After using the sugar scrub, not only did I smell fantastic but my hhead ache was gone. I felt lighter. All the stress and worries of my day were gone. Not just lessened but GONE. The sugar scrub took a good deal of that icky dry winter skin off my legs and it did not leave a sticky residue like a lot of sugar scrubs can. I was just blown away. So today, I am recommending that EVERYONE go out and check out her products.

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