Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few finished pieces for Art Auction consideration!

I have put the finising touches on a couple of those focal pieces I was working on for the Art Auction. Now, I am not sure they are both the pieces I will be donating but they are finished so.... here goes.

With the blue piece, I played with the idea of doing a swarovski crystal beaded chain but once I got it together and set it beside the focal, it looked way to gawdy and cluttered. So I settled for simply putting the focal on a streling silver knotted wire chain. It looks stunning!

For the copper woven heart, since it is such a large piece, it absolutely NEEDED a long chain and some additional embellishment. I added some wired pieces with the same swarovski crystal beads dispersed with the bright copper chain to acheive a more balanced look. Its become a real statement piece I believe.

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