Friday, October 22, 2010

An addition to the Coralgate scandal

I would like to put up some links, should you, my intelligent readers, care to investigate this "scandal" further and draw your own opinions and conclusions from it.  I am linking to articles about coral bans, preservation, mining methods, blogs about Etsy, actual forum threads on Etsy and other bits and pieces I think you may find interesting in furthering your interest on the matter.
I am not saying "You should read this right now because I said"... just providing further information should you so choose.

I am also going to once again put up my personal opinion on the matter.
I would like to encourage others to do the same, since I believe and have for some time that they treat they handmade artisans like crap.  But, you be the judge on this one.  I know my ruling for myself.
Here are the links.
An article about a coral ban and how it is effecting local business.
An article someone did online about the outrage over this Etsy Storque blog.
A variety of threads from the Etsy forums on the topic.... some more about being angry for being silenced and some about why the article upset them.
The actual Storque blog post that started the whole thing.
A feature article about the blog poster on another site.  People have been blasting her in the comments section.  I'm not condoning nor condemning this behavior.  My personal belief is it was Etsy's stupid mistake and not hers.
This one was posted in one of the angry comments on the above blog in response to her featured sketch of moonstone earrings.  I found it an interesting read for the sake of learning about where my supplies come from.
One of my favorite blogs for all issues with Etsy.  Just a smattering of how angry Etsy has made its handmade artisans.
A great site that talks about coral, its endangerment, environmental causes and reason why it is being harvested.  If you really want to take a stand on the issue of coral preservation, this is an excellent resource.

That is all dear readers.  I leave you to daw your own opinions and conclusions.  Any comments on this you wish to leave would be greatly appreciated.  Add to the dialogue.  Agree to disagree and things will go well.


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you are so right.. they did me wrong big time.. by the way i like your

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