Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New wire work pieces

I am working on my wire wrapping skills and techniques and trying out new designs with these.  I am trying to create pieces with a variety of textures and colors.  Let me know what you think could be better, added, taken away, etc.  I am always looking for feedback to help me grow and improve my designs and techniques.
These are the only two designs that my blog is allowing me to upload photos for at the moment.  I have two other pieces as well but I'll have to upload those pictures later on.


button said...

Just beautiful! I'm already following.

divapixie said...

I am working on some new ideas to incorporate braided wire as well.... we'll see how my attempts at that go this evening.

Colleen said...

Following you Divapixie. :)

come on by... http://sewtheday.blogspot.com