Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun with party favors

So, in addition to wire wrapping and beading, I also use resin work in my jewelry designs.  I started using resin as a means to make some "steampunk" pendants for a custom set I was commissioned to do about 3 1/2 years back.  Once I saw how simple it was to use Easy Cast resin (this is a trademarked brand by the way), I decided to explore the options of this medium.  I bought some different sized and shaped molds to use.  I began searching and experimenting with the different kinds of things one could put inside of resin.  I have used everything from confetti (which is super fun) to dried flowers, watch parts to magazine and newspaper cut outs.  I even scanned some of my original artwork and photographs into the computer and printed them up for encasing in resin!

Bottle Cap pendant GRAB BAG- Fun and colorful resin pendantsNow some of you may be asking "Cindy, what does this have to do with party favors?  Glad you asked! 
Recently I threw my boyfriend a birthday party.  He decided he wanted to do some kind of party favors for the guests as well as a prize for a game we would all be playing.  But, neither of us had much money to go and purchase anything... and we didn't know what to buy anyways.  Then the light bulb in his head went off.  He remembered that I make things with resin.  He asked if I could take some of the pictures we had of him and turn them into magnets and coasters.  Brilliant idea! 
I tell you all, it was the most fun with resin I have ever had.  I wish I had thought to take pictures of them before we gave them to our guests.  The recipients of the magnets and coasters thought they were brilliant as well.  I just love the idea!  And what fabulous gift idea for the holidays.  They are absolutely customizable.  I'll show you some samples of coasters I've made from various materials.
Alarm clock parts, confetti, cut outs from an old model catalogue, cigar bands and even pieces of old play bills made excellent coaster fodder.

So, get our there and explore the wide world of resin!  Make magnets, jewelry components, coasters... the sky if the limit!


astitchintime said...

Very cool idea. I never played with resin. I'll have to try it out sometime.

AbsintheDragonfly said...

These look like so much fun! You could use them as cake toppers maybe for children if you made some for kids specifically.

divapixie said...

Awesome ideas! Resin is a very versatile medium. I once had a lady who ordered custom made resin buttons from me. She had me make the buttons encasing bits of the yarn she used in her knitting projects. That way, when she attached buttons to sweaters, shawls etc. there was a flow to them.

Anonymous said...

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