Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few finished pieces for Art Auction consideration!

I have put the finising touches on a couple of those focal pieces I was working on for the Art Auction. Now, I am not sure they are both the pieces I will be donating but they are finished so.... here goes.

With the blue piece, I played with the idea of doing a swarovski crystal beaded chain but once I got it together and set it beside the focal, it looked way to gawdy and cluttered. So I settled for simply putting the focal on a streling silver knotted wire chain. It looks stunning!

For the copper woven heart, since it is such a large piece, it absolutely NEEDED a long chain and some additional embellishment. I added some wired pieces with the same swarovski crystal beads dispersed with the bright copper chain to acheive a more balanced look. Its become a real statement piece I believe.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I have always loved labradorite. I adore the blue fire that glimmers in the light. I love the earthy feel of the greys and black flecks. I just love it. So, when I purchase there's lovely labradorite briolettes a year ago, I knew it would take me ages to compose a piece to properly display them. I finally combined them with sterling silver chain and wire into this stunning necklace.

New pictures of....

... some pieces that have been in my stock for a while. I am still working on getting some pieces ready for the art auction but haven't finished anything today to photograph. So, I thought I'd take some pictures of some pieces that I have not listed yet due to not having decent photos. I now have some decent photos and am going to share them... and hopefully list them soon too!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More art auction inspiration

I have made another focal piece for consideration to be an art auction piece. I REALLY love this one. I bought some fantastic rhinestones from a seller on Artfire who's shop is called Supplies and More. They are excellent and I may need to get another of this blue stone... for myself. ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art Auction Assignment

The local art gallery holds a wine tasting and art auction every March to raise money. Since local artists are allowed to display and sell art through this gallery, I obviously am supportive of this cause. The auction last year was superb and I had a great time. This year, I've been asked to donate a piece or two for the auction. Of course I said yes. In exchange for my donation, I will receive two tickets to the event plus all the free PR and exposure that this event will bring my shop. Thank goodness I ordered those new business cards with my artfire studio listed on them.

The plan is to make several pieces and choose the two that best represent my style and will appeal to the attendees. I've created a few focal pieces already and plan to build the rest of the necklace or bracelet around them. I am by no means finished creating pieces for this auction yet.... this is just the start!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Been busy but....

... I am trying to keep things in my Artfire studio going. I have some pieces still on the backburner that I hope to have listed sometime this week... as well as some finished pieces that have yet to be listed. Haven't sold anything yet but I am hoping that will change when people start getting their tax refunds.... or maybe someone will need a birthday gift or two.
I am planning to finish up the piece I started a while back... the one in a pervious post with the red and pik briolettes. I FINALLY got the rest of the copper chain to finish it up. I should have pictures of the finished piece later on this afternoon.
And to tide you over until then.... some pictures of other pieces I have completed already.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pendants gallore....

I have been so busy in my day job (I'm a music teacher) that I haven't had much blog time lately. However, in what little time I've managed to find, I have been working on a few pendants. I've only gotten one new one listed in my Artfire studio but I will hopefully be listing more shortly.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am here today to promote a fellow artisan on Her shop name is cleangreenbunny and her bath and body products are AMAZING! I recently arranged a trade with her for some handmade soap... which is a weakness of mine. She sent along a sample of some lovely lavendar sugar scrub with the soap bars. I tried out the sugar scrub last night after a VERY long day and it absolutely blew my mind how great it was! I had a bit of a headache when I got in the bath. After using the sugar scrub, not only did I smell fantastic but my hhead ache was gone. I felt lighter. All the stress and worries of my day were gone. Not just lessened but GONE. The sugar scrub took a good deal of that icky dry winter skin off my legs and it did not leave a sticky residue like a lot of sugar scrubs can. I was just blown away. So today, I am recommending that EVERYONE go out and check out her products.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grab bags fun!

Today I decided that since I have literally SO many resin pendant pieces, I would start offering them in lots or "grab bags". I have listed three lots so far, a mixed resin lot, a bottle cap lot and a steampunk lot. I feel that will be the most cost effective solution for both myself, since they will be going out of my house, and to the customers, since they will get a great deal!