Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cindy's Creative Crochet

Today's featured Artfire artist is called Cindy's Creative Crochet!
Cindy started crocheting about 5 years ago. she's a self taught crocheter and still can not read a written crochet pattern. She also has begun making creative things out of pop tabs! Cindy is the mother of 5 children between the ages of 6 and 12 and is happily married. she also enjoys belly dancing, baking and making ice cream.
I asked Cindy a few questions about herself and her crafting. Here are her answers.
How did you first get into your craft?
The crocheting I saw a friend crocheting and figured out how to do basic chain stitches and the rest followed. I began with the wire after seeing a very simple chained copper necklace, and decided to try. I have very large hands and can\'t get a bracelet off the rack that fits me, so this was a great thing.
Is there any other particular artist or person in your life that influences or inspires you?
I love to make jewelry with beads made by my friend Elaine of Tooaquarius ( ) and my kids and husband are a huge support.
What are your favorite materials to work with and why? Well Elaine's beads as mentioned, they are so cool as soon as I see a new batch of them i have ideas on what other beads to use, colour wire ect and copper wire, it just has a nice warm natural feel to it.
Is there anything that you do that you think makes your creations stand apart from similar ones/ your competitors?
Not too many people use the pop tabs or crochet wire! I make up my own designs so they can\'t look too much like other peoples designs. I also do a lot of custom orders so people can really have what they want.
Anything else you would like my readers to know about (sales, coupons, other services you offer)?
As I just mentioned i love to do custom orders so if you see something in the shop that appeals but you want a different colour scheme, like the design but want it as a necklace rather than bracelet or a larger or smaller size, please feel free and welcome to ask! Currently I am working on making pop tab belts, not sure when I\'ll have them up, but hope for it to be within the next couple weeks.
You can find Cindy's lovely crocheted creations on Artfire at
Cindy's Creative Crochet

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