Monday, April 26, 2010


Time once again for another Artfire featured Artist! This time we are featuring MJ of CrittersCrafts!

MJ loves to sew, cook, knit, crochet and also does paper crafts. She has one dog and spoils him with handmade toys and treats.

I asked MJ a couple of questions about herself and her business and below are her answers!

How did you first get into your craft?

I started making toys for my cockapoo, Buster, after he kept ripping up his toys he had for only one day. I tried different combinations of fabrics to make the toys last longer. He loves trying to shred his handmade toys but has not succeeded.

Is there any particular artist or person in your life who inspires you?

I guess I would have to say my parents. They taught me how to sew. My Dad taught me how to sew on a machine and my Mom taught me how to sew things by hand. All of my other crafting skills are self taught.

What are your favorite materials to work with and why?

My favorite materials to work with are fleece and felt because they add softness to the toys and canvas because it makes the durable.

Is there anything that you do that you think sets your creations apart from similar ones/ your competitors?

Unlike the durable toys you buy at the store these toys are soft. All my toys have two layers of fabric. The inner layer is made of canvas and the outer layer is made of a decorative fabric. I make some toys that are two toys in one. They are plush chew toys and also have a "rope" for tugging.

Anything else you would like my readers to know about (sales, coupons, etc.)?

I offer pet toys, pet mats and pet head bands.

You can see Mj's creations at


Lynda Hatches said...

Great post. I have a problem with my dog chewing up her toys in minutes. We just get an old rope from the barn now. They last longer than anything I have found. I am going to check this out.

divapixie said...

Yes, please do! She makes such adorable pet toys!

CritterCrafts said...

I hope everyone enjoyed my pet items.