Monday, April 12, 2010

New pieces!

I have been a very busy bee creating lots of new pieces! Here are some sample pictures or two new pairs of earrings and a large statement pendant based on a "challenge" someone suggested to me in the Artfire forums.

The earrings are simple sterling silver chain and wire with faceted gemstone briolettes. Briolettes are one of my favorite things and I love the cascading effect the chain allows me to create with them.

The pendant is based on an idea given to me by a couple of artists on Artfire in the forums. I was looking for some inspiration and they provided it. With the idea of using briolettes in a new fashion (though on that count I'm not sure I succeeded) and giving it a Brazilian Carnival flair I came up with this wild looking square pendant that reminds me a little of confetti being thrown in the air.

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