Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breaking the ice.

I have decided, after lots of Facebook plugging and some research.... that the best way to entice people to host a jewelry party featuring my jewelry is to throw the first party myself in my own home. I can then show the ladies how I put together certain kind of pieces (not give away all my secrets but give them a taste), explain how I do custom orders, let them paw through my supplies and current stock and also explain to them how I intend to run my "jewelry parties". I think this might entice some of them to offer to host parties for me. I am also hoping to get on my laptop while they are here and show them around the Artfire site. This will help not just my studio but Artfire in general. I bet most of them have no idea exactly what Artfire is. Its a win/win situation. So next Tuesday I'm hoping that there will be a small flock of ladies in my house pawing through my things. Guess we'll wait and see.

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