Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upping the anti on the experiment

OK... I've started my promotion of both my Etsy shop and my Artfire studio by offering a free gift. I will be offering a free pair of matching earrings for every pendant and necklace purchase made in either of my shops. On Artfire this is clearly marked in my studio by lovely little "free gift" banners on each listing picture. In my Etsy shop it is placed up in my shop announcement. I have started a forum thread for the specials in the Contests and Promotions section on Artfire and in the Promotions section on Etsy. Let's see how it goes.
I'll try to bump the threads in each forum area at least once a day.
I will be posting any sales resulting from these specials as well as continuing to post my view comparisons.
Here we go!