Friday, March 5, 2010

A stone for longevity

Of course I'm talking about Jade. This gemstone is a favorite of mine. I love the different colors that Jade comes in but none so much as the earth green of Nephrite Jade.

However, Jade comes in many varieties and its often hard to keep them all straight. The colors of each variety also are extremely varied.

African Jade tends to be bright green with naturally occuring lighter veining or spots.

Black Jade is as the title states, jet black.

Peace Jade is a pale grey with white veining and spots that can occur.

Mountain Jade is often dyed and can come in MANY colors, purple, blue and red just to name a few.

Nephrite Jade, my personal favorite, is a semi translucent earthy green color and can have black flecks in it as well.

This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the Jade varieties available on the market today.

Jade has been used not just in jewelry making over the centuries, but also in the making of instruments. When it is carved and struck it produces a tone.

Jade is also said to bring longevity to its wearer. This makes it a sacred stone for the Chinese as well as many other cultures. It is also said to bring healing and feelings of peace and calm.

In leaving you contemplating this lovely gemstone, I will share with you a jewelry piece that I made for myself. It was inspired by the designs I saw in the Lord of the Rings movies. I used sterling silver and allowed it to naturally oxidize. The picture shows it before it fully oxidized. The Jade offers a calming green that perfectly compliments the silver and makes the piece look as though it may have been a long lost relic of middle earth.


Silver Haunt said...

That is a beautiful necklace that combines one of my fave metals with one of my fave gemstones. And the twisting pattern of it is just magical. It very much reminds me of what I would call an 'elven' style.

Jade is one of the gemstones that is among the less-common class of gemstones that are more favoured when they are actually opaque, which (personally) is a quality I find admirable.

Excellent. I hope to see a lot more stuff with jade in it. ^^ It deserves the attention.

divapixie said...

Thank you! I do love this piece a lot.
I have a few other pieces in my studio on Artfire that use Jade but sadly I am far behind in creating more.