Friday, March 12, 2010

Etsy vs. Artfire

OK... so on the Artfire forums lately I've seen a lot of posts about how people like Artfire better but aren't making enough sales to close down their Etsy shops and how Etsy just gets more exposure and is better known than Artfire etc. Well, even though I had closed my Etsy shop because I hadn't sold anything on there in 6 months, it got me to thinking. Is it really true? I am skeptical for many reasons but the biggest one is that the handmade jewelry market is super saturated so where I list is a moot point. However, reading all these posts and opinions and debates really got me to thinking about it.

So, I have decided to do a little experiment. I have re-opened my shop on Etsy with only a small amount of items (2 right now but I'll up it to 5 over the next couple of days) and I am going to see if a) I make a sale and/or b) my views on Etsy really surpass my views on Artfire. I am glad I kept my handle over there so re-opening is simple. I am capping it at 5 items since that will only cost me $1 in listings.

I'll keep you informed of any developments and how the views stack up thus far. The pictures are the two pieces I have listed today.

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