Monday, March 22, 2010

E vs. AF View comparison 3-22-10 12:30pm

Etsy ~23 Artfire~ 69

Etsy~ 20 Artfire~ 41


Kawartha Beads said...

Very interesting! I do think it is important to explore several avenues for your business. Have you done any special marketing or promotion for either shop?

divapixie said...

This experiment isn't about promoting really... it is about comparing views alone. I heard a lot of people complaining that Etsy was better known and got more views.... its not true. Etsy may generate more sales but that isn't the purpose of this experiment.
I suppose that would be the next thing to test though.

Kawartha Beads said...

That makes it all the more interesting if you haven't been doing any extra promotion! Definately food for thought!