Friday, March 5, 2010

Featured Studio Piece 3-5-10

I have decided since I now have a seperate page for my Artfire entries on this blog, everday I should have a featured piece from my artfire studio. Today's piece is called The Undressing. It is a piece that was inspired by a Brian Froud painting called "The Undressing of a Salad" and features fairies, pixies, and sprites passing drops of dew back and forth, as if they are removing or adding the dew to a salad as dressing. The dew drops in the picture look like little orbs, just like the round beads on this necklace. The rounds look like they are being passed back and forth across the wire from one side to another.

This piece is made from sterling silver wire and uses amethyst and peridot round gemstone beads. It comes on a silver plated chain. The cost of this piece is $50.


Silver Haunt said...

Again, an excellent colour combination. Purple, green, and silver look delicate and beautiful together, with a certain mystical quality that seems to evoke curiosity (at least to me).

Perhaps a link to the inspirational painting would be nice to list? I know that a lot of people, unlike me, won't go look these things up.

divapixie said...

Hmmmm.... excellent suggestion.... I'm off to see if I can round one up!

divapixie said...

Sadly... I can not find the image online anywhere. I own the Faerie Oracle card set and its a picture used as one of the cards in that deck. But its not one of the images posted online. *sigh* Was a good idea though.