Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is hands down my best friends FAVORITE stone. And its easy to see why! With its deep blue hues and the bright white veining throughout, its a beautiful contrast or colors. I use a lot of sodalite in my custom jewelry work. People tend to be drawn to the sodalite rings I make more than anything else.

Sodalite properties center around being receptive. Its a stone that is used for meditation and healing. Many associate the stone sodalite with wisedom. I have personally used a ring I made myself with sodalite for its calming and stress relieving effect.

I like Sodalite for rings because of these properties. Being able to glance down and see the deep blue colors and white swirling reminds me of water. There's a calming effect that looking into pools of water provides for me and this stone creates that same effect. I also like to use sodalite in rings because it is held right up against the skin that way. It also makes it easy for the wearer to reach down and touch the stone or rub it to help relive stress, the same way one would rub on a worry stone.

Whatever your reasons, sodalite is a wonderful stone to include in your work.

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