Sunday, March 7, 2010

Featured studio piece 3-7-10

Today I would like to feature a piece I just listed last night. This little wire wrapped cabachon was inspired by my best friend, Amanda. She adores carnelians. Everytime I come across a carnelian in my sotkc, I think of her. She also is drawn to amethyst. She has a LOT of amethyst pieces around and about her wardrobe. Now, if/when she read this I know she's going to disagree with the amethyst thing, insisting she's more drawn to Sodalite (which is another of her favorites). However, I see a lot of purple colored stones in her jewelry drawer and I think subconsiously she's drawn to it. The little bit of garnet in this pendant is my little bit of flair kicking in. I love garnet. It also kind of represents our hair, as we both often have our hair colored red.

This piece is available for sale in my studio on artfire. ( and comes with an antiqued copper ball chain. Cost is $40.


Passion For Beads said...

What a unquie and beautiful piece! I love amethyst too! Thanks for sharing. :o)

divapixie said...

Thank you for commenting! I appreciate the traffic so much!

Amanda said...

Yeah, but the reason you see so much amethyst is because it's nearly impossible to -find- sodalite in mainstream jewelry. ;) Walk into a Target fer pete's sake, and you can find carnelian and amethyst stuff. ;)