Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Experiment update 3-24-10 12:39pm

So, I have posted about the special I am running in both my shops on my Facebook page. I put links for both shops in the status post. This evening I plan to Twitter both shops equally with the special as well.
Let's see how the views are stacking up.
Garnet and Amethyst piece
Artfire~ 75 Etsy~ 26

Carnelian pendant
Artfire~ 46 Etsy~ 22

I also added one more piece to my Etsy shop that is also listed in my Artfire shop. I am just doing this to offer a little more variety to the experiment and see if adding a new piece and then offering a special would increase it's views.
On Artfire, its been listed since March 9th and has 36 views. I listed it on Etsy yesterday and it has 6 views so far.
Let's continue to see how this goes.
I need to add my Etsy shop to my Google Analytics today too.... just to see how they compare.

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